Auto parts and accessories

Components for sale

The company offers a wide range of auto parts and accessories. 

In the catalogue, you can find raising side panels, supports for Bowden cables, drawbar eyes, stabilisers, towing itches, mechanical anti-theft systems, bumpers, bumpers for ball joints and tow balls, corner fittings, compressed air tanks, universal and interchangeable coupling devices, spring closures, gas springs, hinges, plastic and rubber caps, aluminium and other metal sheet panels, braked and unbraked torsion bar axles, electric and manual hydraulic pumps, wheels with rims, tyres, compassed and revolving supporting feet, pumps for hydraulic systems, loading beds made in beech wood, sandwich panels for van bodies, seals, doors and windows for vehicles, spotlights, working lights, adapter sockets, front position lamps, stop lights, plate lights, leaning loads board, internal and external ceiling lights, processors, electric spirals, intake fans fitted with deflectors, colour monitor kits with camera, audible warnings, control units, fluorescent adhesive tape, soap dish, etc. Besides auto parts and accessories at San Pietro Clarenza, we sell also equipments plant systems. 

In particular, you can find cargo securing and optimisation devices; devices of any type: electric systems, brakes, inertia and continuous systems; hydro, hydraulic and mechanical systems; overrun braking systems; continuous braking systems; anti-skidding systems; handlers; air-conditioning systems; hydraulic kits for tippers; hydraulic kits for mobile shops and houses, etc.