Caravans, boxes, mobile houses

Mobile residential modules

Caravan Box e Case Mobili

In the last years, the company has faced a new challenge leading to a completely new market. We have become a local point of reference for the sale of large vehicles and in particular caravans, boxes and mobile houses at San Pietro Clarenza. The offer is considerably wide, capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements in terms of tourism mobility. In particular, we sell the following items.

  • Mobile houses ‒ the most appreciated model is FC 190 CMS ECO, an ecologic single-block mobile house. The overall mass is 1900 kg; with two axis, its surface is 17.5 square metres, the internal height is 2.7 metres and it is 8 metres long and 8 wide. It comes with van body. Its price is 11.300 euro.
  • Caravans ‒ the term indicates a simple roulette, which is a trailer structure intended as a temporary home and used for long travels. Our caravans stand out for being large and highly manageable: they permit a thoughtful use of the space and are available for a competitive price.
  • Off-road caravans ‒ it is a particular type of caravan. Compared to the traditional model, the off-road caravan can take even the most difficult roads remaining relatively easy to drive. It can be considered as the middle way between a jeep and a camper.
  • Prefabricated box ‒ the company sells prefabricated boxes made of galvanised steel sheets. The conversion includes grounding operations in accordance to the EEC legislation and a section with front access. In addition, you can install an electric system and two electric outlets, besides the ceiling lights and an external outlet for direct power supply.