Semi-trailers and trailers

Machines for vehicles

Our offer is wide, and along the time, it has extended to numerous segments. Today, we are still focused on the production of trailers and semi-trailers. In particular, we sell articles for the following uses.

  • Driving school ‒ we sell single-axle and tandem-axle trailers. The overall mass, in both cases, is 1500 kg; the capacity is 700 kg, the length is 3 metres and the width is 2.
  • Frame installation ‒ the offer includes steel frames, trailers for carriages, full trailers with frame and much more.
  • Advertising panel transport ‒ in this case, trailers include advertising panels that ensure high visibility to the message.
  • Animal transport ‒ these trailers are made for the protection of the animal against temperature changes. The structures are therefore kept sufficiently ventilated.
  • Car transport ‒ the trailers can vary considerably, in capacity and frequently also in the material used.
  • Boat transport ‒ Also in this case, variability is a factor to take into consideration. The values that most change are capacity and vessel length.
  • Goods transport ‒ the models vary for the number of axis, for full load overall mass, for position of the load and other factors more.
  • Quad and motorcycle transport ‒ the company specialises also in the production and sale of trailers for moving motorcycles and small vehicles, such as quads and go-karts. 
  • Operating machine transport ‒ the offer includes semi-trailers and trailers at San Pietro Clarenza, tipper lorries, high-capacity tipping bodies and tandem-axle bodies.
  • Customisation ‒ the company can customise the trailers with written and graphic content.